Colosseum at night


Touring the Colosseum at night is an exceptional experience. It follows a specific itinerary that gives the audience an immersive view of the amphitheatre. It begins at the Cross with a presentation of how the area look like before the monument was built, when the valley was still a part of Nero’s Domus Aurea.

Next, you go to the arena floor were the public is given the unique opportunity to get a view like a gladiator would centuries ago. Then you will go underground, to the lower levels, where you get to truly visualize and understand the whole complex system that was used – day in and day out- that enabled the different shows and spectacles. From the waiting rooms were they kept the gladiators – expecting their turn to fight – to the newly reconstructed freight elevator that housed the wild animals.

Then you go up to the first level, where visitors get to admire the full view of the stands, and it ends on the Valadier Terrace, followed by the storytelling of subsequent monuments like the Temple of Venus and Rome, and the Arch of Constantine that complement the iconic Colosseum

The evening atmosphere is completed with natural and suggestive lighting to tour the arena and underground levels like the basement; and the upperground as well like the upper terrace. This after hours guided tour allows you to explore a whole different side of the Colosseum and enter areas that are not usually open to the public during the day. Book your ticket to visit the Colosseum at night and enjoy a personalized visit. Hear the stories of ancient Rome’s way of life and visit restricted areas that are only available at night time with reduced groups and a cooler temperature.

Please consider the following advice for your visit: wear comfortable shoes and clothes for the tour, it’s forbidden to enter with large backpacks, bulky bags and luggage or trolley. You may enter with small to medium bags, that will be opened and visually inspected by the security. For safety reasons only 3,000 people are allowed inside, so there could be delays in accessing the site, even for pre-booked visits.

Tickets for guided tours purchased for the Colosseum are valid from first usage for 1 entrance to the Colosseum and 1 entrance to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Also, starting January 1st 2020, this ticket will also allow entry to the Imperial Forum.